Diblo Dibala & Matchatcha: Jul 22, 2012

Batuki Music Society and Afrique Nouvelle Musique present

the legendary Congolese 
with his amazing musicians and dancers

Sunday, July 22, 2012
entry 7:30PM | show 8:30PM
only $15 @ door
1585 Dundas St. West | 416.588.0307
a dinner reservation guarantees seating

A virtuosic approach to the guitar has made Diblo Dibala one of the top instrumentalists of modern African music. Known as ‘Machine Gun’ for his speed and skill on the guitar, Diblo Dibala was born in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire) and moved to the capital Kinshasa where at the age of 15 years he joined the legendary Franco’s TPOK Jazz Group. Dibala continued to master his guitar chops performing with top bands such as Vox Africa, Orchestre Bella Mambo and Bella Bella.

In 1981 Dibala moved to Paris, where the soukous music scene was a happening thing. Soukous, (from the French word ‘secouer – to shake’), a popular dance music is an outgrowth of Congolese rumba. This artfully produced, indefatigably upbeat music, with its genial voices and mesmerizing guitars, filled dance floors around the globe for much of the following decade.

He rejoined Kanda Bongo Man, who he had played with in Bella Bella. Their first album, Iyole (1981), was a big hit: Kanda became a big star, and Dibala became the most sought-after session guitarist in Paris, working with Pepe Kalle and numerous top soukous musicians. Dibala’s huge European success with Kanda Bongo Man led to the formation of his own band, Loketo (meaning ‘hips’), featuring the work of the gifted vocalist Aurlus Mabele. In 1990 Diblo left Loketo to form Matchatcha, the name derived from a plant of the rainforest that causes a strong burning sensation after skin contact – “a flower that produces an itch”, with a few other Loketo members. His scorching guitar leads are featured on recordings by leading artists throughout the golden age of soukous music. In many songs you can hear them calling out ‘Diblo’ when the guitar solo time comes around!

This is music for the dance floor!

“To see Diblo and Matchatcha in concert is to experience a hot hot time. His scorching guitar lines will leave you breathless and when your hand is grabbed and you’re swept up on-stage to dance with the band, you’ll close your eyes and suddenly be transported to Kinshasa.” The African Music Encyclopedia

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Batuki Music Society gratefully acknowledges the support of Canadian Heritage and the Ontario Arts Council

Diblo Dibala and his group performing at the Guadeloupe Music festival November 20th 2008. photo William Farrington
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