Beny Esguerra & New Tradition/ Matatu Express/ Future Primitive: 2017

bennyEsguerra&NewtraditionBatuki Music Society and Uma Nota Culture mix pan-African traditions with the sounds of South, Central and North America in our second Polyphonic Ground concert. Matatu Express present Ghanaian highlife and palm wine, East African benga and rumba, Malagasy salegy and blues. Beny Esguerra & New Tradition Music mix live hip hop RnB soul with an Afro-Colombian percussive edge. The Future Primitive fuse classic Latin American and Caribbean styles with raw, emotive and catchy songwriting into a blend they call « Tropical Soul » music.


Beny Esguerra & New Tradition is an interactive project exploring the concepts of tradition and change through the production of a multidisciplinary performance featuring spoken word, music, song, dance and design. Best described as: afro-native Colombian music from an inner city perspective via Jane-Finch, Tkaronto. Ancestral musical styles + urban cultural expressions = New Tradition.

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Matatu Express is a curative project by Batuki Music Society that promises to keep attendees on their feet, dancing non-stop as the set list presented encompasses the beautiful melodies and intoxicating rhythms of today’s popular African music.

Featuring local legends Donne Roberts, Madagascar Slim, Adam “Professor” Solomon, Pa Joe, Kofi Ackah, Ebenezer Agyekum and West-African dancer Mabinty Sylla.


The Future Primitive are a new Toronto 6 piece who fuse classic Latin American and Caribbean styles with raw, emotive and catchy songwriting that they like to call ‘Tropical Soul music’. At the heart of their sound lies a desire to connect the dots between the here and now of modern Toronto life, with the traditional sounds of their childhood roots (four of the six members are of Latin American heritage).

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Batuki Music Society

Batuki Music Society is an incorporated non-profit community-based organization that promotes African music and art through performances at music venues throughout the year and culminating into a weekend festival at the end of the programming season. The organization actively seeks out local artists and works with them by helping find performance venues, advice on career development, music recording, touring and management. batuki Music Society also provides visibility and necessary publicity to artists who hail from minority groups by placing them in concerts and festivals in mainstream venues to help them integrate.

Uma Nota Culture

A cultural production house focusing on brazilian, Latin, Caribbean, Funk and Soul music provided by both live acts and DJs. Unpretentious, open-minded, lively and fun, Uma Nota presents an experience through where artists and public come together and move to the tropical vibe.



Polyphonic Ground is a collaborative working model that unites 12 small to medium-sized live music presenters committed to building and sustaining Toronto as a global music city. The 12 organizations include Ashkenaz Foundation, Batuki Music Society, Good Kind Productions, iNative, Link Music Lab, Lula Music & Arts Centre, MonstrARTity Creative Community, Music Africa, Revolutions Per Minute, Small World Music Society, Uma Nota Culture, and World Fiddle Day Toronto.

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